FAD 2015-2017 Board Officers & Committee

                                                    Lissette Molina, FAD President                                                  

Lissette Molina was born and raised in Miami, Florida. She graduated from Gallaudet University with a BA degree in Psychology. Lissette attended Barry University in Miami studying a dual Master's program in both Mental Health and Family & Marriage Counseling. Formerly a middle school teacher of the deaf and students with special needs in the Miami-Dade Public Schools, and an Outreach Specialist for MCI Global Relay, she is now currently living in Miami, FL.

In 2001, Lissette was crowned Miss Deaf Florida and competed in the Miss Deaf America Pageant. She is currently serving as President for Florida Association of the Deaf.

                                             June McMahon, FAD Vice President                                               

June Rothenberg McMahon was born to deaf parents in New York City. She attended JHS 47, an oral day school then attended public schools. She graduated from Gallaudet University in 1974 and also has a Masters Degree from Western Maryland College. She worked at the American School for the Deaf and public schools in Connecticut as a teacher and assistant principal. She also taught in Public schools in Broward and Palm Beach before retiring in December 2008.

Her leadership experiences started with the Junior National Association of the Deaf. She held several leadership positions at Gallaudet University including being President of Student Body Government. She was also President of the Connecticut Association of the Deaf and was also President of Florida Association of the Deaf from 2009-2013.

June resides in Boynton Beach with her husband, Robert and two Boston Terriers.

                                                   Glenna Ashton, FAD Secretary                                                  

Glenna Ashton was born and raised on Long Island, NY and later moved to the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA as a teen. Although mainstreamed, she grew up with Deaf friends from Lexington, Fanwood, and PSD. She attended Pennsylvania State University for a B.S. in Deaf Education, then Gallaudet University for a MA in Counseling with Deaf (G-’75). Later on, she obtained an Ed.S. in Administration and Supervision from Southeast Nova University, and finally obtained a Ph.D. in Leadership Systems/Deaf Studies in 2012.

Glenna has taught in deaf education programs and ASL classes at three different high schools in Broward and Palm Beach counties before retiring in 2009. She is now teaching ASL classes at University of Florida.

Glenna has been involved in various Florida organizations since being the first secretary of BCAD in 1971. She has been an officer of FRID and FASLTA. She ended her term in 2012 as President of ASLTA. Her roots are deep in Florida, having resided here since 1971. Although living in Gainesville for her job at UF, her husband, house, and cat are still in Boca Raton.

                                                   Aurora Solomon, FAD Treasurer                                            

Aurora Solomon was born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  She attended New Mexico School for the Deaf.  After Graduating Gallaudet College (Gallaudet University now) in year of 1968, she attended George Washington University to study Cytotechnology for 9 months. Moved to Pennsylvania to work in the hospital.  She had been Treasurer at Lycoming Valley Association of the Deaf for 25 years and had been a board members of PA Society Advancement of the Deaf for 12 years.

She moved to Florida in 2000 with her husband Leslie Solomon in Boynton Beach.

                                                   FAD Board and Committee 2013-2015                                               

President-Lissette Molina Wood
Vice President-June McMahon
Secretary-Glenna Ashton
Treasurer-Aurora Solomon
Past President and Parliamentarian-Andy Lange
Members at Large-Beverly Beal and Tom D'Angelo
FAD Representation
Florida Coordinating Council for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (FCCDHH) -Donna Drake and Glenna Ashton-(one vote)
Telecommunications Access System Act (TASA) -Jon Ziev and Tom D'Angelo-(one vote)

Affiliated Organization Representation (Voting)

Florida Deaf Blind Association (FDBA) -David Roberts
Florida American Sign Language Teachers Association (FASLTA) -Bo Clements
Florida Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (FRID) -Adam Ledo
Florida School for the Deaf Alumni Association (FSDAA) -Senette Jenkins
Broward County Association of the Deaf (BCAD) -Aurora Solomon
Jacksonville Deaf Club (JDC) -Manuel Charbonnier
Palm Beach County Association of the Deaf (PBCAD) -Allan H. Karp and Maureen Whetham
South Florida Recreation Association of the Deaf (SFRA) -Victor Solano
St. John County Association of the Deaf (SJCAD) -Pamela Harris
Tri County Association of the Deaf (TCAD) -Louis Schwarz
Waving Hands-John Paul Jebian

Nonprofit/Government Organization Representation (Non-Voting)
Florida Telecommunication Relay Inc. (FTRI)
 Family & Youth -Rosa Rodriguez

Committees-Non Voting
Membership- Leslie Solomon
Education-June McMahon
Endowment- Gerald Nelson, Chair and Committee- Cecil Bradley and Joel Silberstein
Auditors- Mike Lockhart, Rita Holland and Joel Silberstein
History-Brendan Murphy
Housing-June McMahon
Website and FADezine-Sarah Harris
Wet and Wild- Maureen Whetham
College Scholarships-Donna Drake
Bylaws – Nancy Bloch